How is Mental Health affecting your company?

Wellbeing at work is better than being out of work

Our mission at Employees Health is to help give companies the opportunity to create happy, healthy and productive employees. Through our services, we teach people how to relax, move, think and eat better to improve not only their work life but their entire lifestyle.

The Process

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Wellbeing at Work Programme

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What our clients say...

As an industry leader in Human Resources and  Learning & Organisational Development; I set myself the task of embedding a culture of staff wellness, development and career progression. Part of that strategy focused on providing my teams with the opportunity to take advantage of externally sourced subject matter experts focused on physical wellbeing cascading into better mental health management. Since inception of the Employee Health program; my teams have seen a dramatic decrease in absence, greater focus on core objectives and reduced project timelines. It should not be underestimated how feeling well both physically and mentally drive a return on investment many organisations are yet to experience.
Richard and his team have offered a plethora of services that has helped enable our L&D teams to take on his messages and spread more knowledge and awareness across the organisation. Not using Richard and his Team would ultimately be saying No to positive growth, for you, your people and your business. Fantastic insight and great service to all.  
– The Learning and Development Agency – 

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