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At Employees Health we work hard to offer a variety of sessions and treatments tailored to the needs of individuals. We provide an opportunity for businesses to invest in their staff’s wellbeing to ensure happy, healthy staff which in turn is proven in recent studies to increase staff productivity.  A positive mind-set is one which is free from negative restrictions, allowing individuals to achieve beyond targets and remove ceilings limiting their out-put in the work place. 

Exercise and group training is quickly becoming very popular to enhance employee productivity, wellbeing and team building in any organisation. Our expert team provide tailored sessions for your staff, at a location and time that suits you best.

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Exercise,posture correction and movement are the three main focus points at Employees Health which we believe are vitally important to ensure a happy and healthyYOU! Research shows that incorporating exercise and movement into your work life helps support both your mental and physical health. Specialising in posture correction and movement, and having highly qualified instructors, we are able to offer a variety of different sessions to fit your needs.

Benefits of exercise and posture correction are: 

Feel good factor
Improve poor posture
Burn calories
Builds strength
Improve poor posture
Creates better motion
Increase concentration
Team building 


Massage therapy, both soft tissue and relaxation, have a great effect on the physical, myoskeletal and mental health through the relaxation of the body and through the reduction of tightness in muscles which cause stress, injury and headaches. Our massages are delivered to suit the needs of eachindividual client due to each person having specific focuses and needing different outcomes from each session.

Benefits of having a massage are: 

Release tension
Reduce stress
Injury prevention
Feel better
Solve poor posture
Increase blood flow
Skin Benefits 

Immune system function 

Reduction of toxins 



Billions of pounds of revenue, working days and productivity are lost each year due to the rising cost of mental health conditions in the UK’s economy. Prioritising the mental wellbeing of your employees will make significant positive changes to your bottom line AND helps you stay on the right side of the HSE.

Insightful, engaging, refreshing and empowering outlook on mental health in the workplace

Our mental health educator will take you on a journey around the brain, explain how stress and mental health are so intrinsically linked and give you practical resources to support your own mental health at work, at home and in life. Expect neuroscience, fun and to leave feeling educated and motivated to make changes.

How to empty your stress bucket • The 3P’s of positivities • 7 days of happiness challenge relaxation audio • learn on the fly stress busting exercise.

Benefits of prioritising positive mental health: 

HAPPY staff
Less stress within workplace
Positive feeling
More focus
Improve / reduce depression
Lift anxiety 



What you put into your body is the most important thing when it comes to health, a poor diet can not only effect your physical health it can also affect your mental health. Research has shown that the brain needs the correct amount of water and nutrients for it to work at full speed. Our nutritionist will educate you to understand what foods are best for your body, brain and health through talks/ sessions in all areas of nutrition.

Benefits of nutrition: 

Weight lose
Reduced cancer risk
Increased focus
Diabetes management
Heart & stroke prevention
Better mood 



What do you think when someone says,‘ I do yoga’? Normally it’s just stretching right? Well no, not entirely. Yoga is a form of exercise which develops strength, increases flexibility, helps with relaxation, reduces stress and helps breathing and meditation. Our Yogi has 200+ hours training, teaching a numerous variations of yoga from power to restorative being able offer advance to novice and from intense to relaxation classes it can be tailored to the businesses/groups needs.

Benefits of yoga: 

Feel good factor
Improve poor posture
Burn calories
Builds strength
Increase blood flow
Reduces risk of injury
Creates better motion
Increase concentration
Team building



Struggling with what to choose? Then create your own bespoke wellbeing day/week. Choose from some or all of our services to create your own fantastic day to give back to your employees.

Benefits of wellbeing days: 

Variety of service
Lots of learning
Team building
Stress reduction
Giving back

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