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Founder of Employees Health

In a world where health issues, suicide rates and stress-filled lifestyles are on the increase, the need for wellbeing support has never been greater.

As thought leaders in the space of healthy living, our mission at Employees Health is to help businesses create the best environment in which their people can thrive, educate individuals so they can create healthy lifestyles for themselves, and help employees improve their performance both in and outside of work.

Through our honest, genuine and supportive approach, we will show you how just a few small lifestyle changes can lead to that fulfilling, positive life we all dream of being right at you and your employees’ fingertips.

Your journey to wellbeing starts right here.

The Case for Wellbeing at Work

Recent research has revealed that, every month, UK employers are losing around £775 per employee due to the drop in productivity caused by poor mental and physical health. With so much on the line, the role that the wellbeing of your employees plays in the success of your business is something nobody can afford to overlook.


of workers with mental health problems report an impact on their working life.


The estimated average cost of poor mental health to employers per employee, per year.


of workers rate their productivity as ‘average’ or worse, mainly due to tiredness and high stress.

What we offer and how we can help

When it comes to wellbeing, there is no ‘one size fits all’ method to meet every employee’s needs, which is why you need a solution that’s as unique as you are.

Suite of Services

From educational workshops and health checks to mental health first aid and beyond, our team can support your wellbeing strategy through a variety of different workshops and wellbeing days designed to cover all four pillars of wellbeing.

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OPtimal Wellbeing & Performance Programme

Our twelve-week Optimal Wellbeing and Performance programme gives your employees everything they need to thrive at work and boost their performance.

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Health, Wellbeing & Performance Consultancy

We can host one-to-one sessions with your employees and help you create and maintain a wellbeing-at-work program for your business on an ongoing basis with a range of six and twelve month packages.

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Wellbeing at work is better than being out of work

Our mission at Employees Health is to help give companies the opportunity to create happy, healthy and productive employees. Through our services, we teach people how to relax, move, think and eat better to improve not only their work life but their entire lifestyle.

The Process

Book a meeting with one of our team


Find out what you and your employees need

We develop your bespoke programme and deliver it


Create happy, healthy, productive people

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