Mental Health Awareness Week

Keeping in theme with our yearly Wellbeing Week, we have put together a full schedule of Wellbeing Activities to show you what you can do to improve your health and wellbeing as well as raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Completely FREE and AVAILABLE to you and your friends, colleagues and family.

Posture Stretches at our Desks

Monday 10th of May 11-11:30

If we have recognised one thing in the past 13ish months is that we have spent even more time at our-desks and less time on our feet. One of the biggest issues with this is a strain on our posture which could lead to many unwanted myoskeletal issues.

In this session, Rich will run through some simple stretches which you can utilise during your day.

The Weird and Wonderful World of the Brain

Monday 10th of May 1-2pm

Have you ever wondered how your brain worked or why you do some of the things you do,or struggle sometimes? Today’s event is an introduction and an insight into how the You’ll find out what’s happening when things aren’t going well and what to do to improve things.

This event finishes with a guided visualisation designed to refresh and revitalise for the afternoon.

HIIT Exercise Session

Tuesday 11th of May 9-9.30

Exercise is a key part to managing our mental health, Research shows that just performing 30 mins of exercise 3 times a week can have a huge impact on our mental health combating anxiety and depression.

Join Rich on a 30 min HIIT session, where we will run through a circuit to get the body moving on a Tuesday Morning to improve our fitness and release some of those happy boosting endorphins.

Can what we eat Positively Impact our Mental Health?

Tuesday 11th of May 11am-12pm

In this one hour masterclass Mind.Body.Nutrition coach Naomi Buff will be exploring how the way we eat can positively impact our mental health.

She will talk about good mood foods, adaptogens and supplements that can help with anxiety and depression.

Naomi will also share some useful tools and resources on how to implement some healthy habits that will help to support your mental health.

Making Sense of Happiness

Tuesday 11th of May 2-3pm

Happiness like our health and fitness is something we have to work at consistently, but we don’t like to make it easy for ourselves, with, over the top goals, poor habits and bad lifestyles choices all to contend with. Staying consistently happy is hard and that’s excluding the past 13ish months, so ‘being happy’ is hard and is something we consciously have to work towards.

So myself (Rich) and Mike Jones from Better Happy to discuss the topic of happiness and the role it plays on our health, wellbeing and work-life in this interactive session.

A Thriving Dose of Nature

Wednesday 12th of May 12-1pm

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 10-16 May and this year the theme is ‘Nature’. From forests and rivers, to parks and gardens, to window boxes or even house plants, we can find nature wherever we are.

Led by Environmental Psychologist and wellbeing Consultant Lee Chambers, this workshop will explore how interlinked nature and mental health are, how we can garner the benefits, and explore some of the challenges that we may face. You will leave with a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors and some simple suggestions that might just be the dose of nature that makes a difference to somebody’s mental health.

De-stress Yoga

Thursday 13th of May 10-10.30am

Yoga has become increasingly popular for both physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Join Jordan for a 30 minute De-stress Yoga session to start your Thursday in the right way.

Taking time to slow down Jordan will work through seated and lying postures, holding them for some time to gently stretch the body with a focus on breath work to help calm the body and mind.

Sleep Deprivation – but at what cost?

Thursday 13th May 12-1pm

Why should you prioritise being well-rested?

In our 21st century, globalised fast-paced, high-stakes “always-on culture”, the demands of work and life increasingly stretch our boundaries.

Something has to give, and usually, that something is the quality and quantity of our sleep.

How we sleep directly impacts our performance and productivity at work, as well as our health, happiness and overall well-being. Poor sleep quality has clear links to poor mental and physical health, however, it’s not just about considering what is lost, but also what we might be missing out on when we don’t achieve high-quality sleep.

Join Daniel White for this 60-minute introductory sleep webinar where he’ll be exploring:

– How has COVID-19 changed the way we sleep?
– Why is sleep so impactful on our health?
– How is sleep deprivation impacting our work?
– What can we gain by learning how to sleep better?
– What constitutes good sleep?
– What is your circadian rhythm?
– Why is circadian health important?
– How does light impact our circadian rhythm?
– Where can you learn the skills needed to sleep better?

Creating Happy and Healthy Lifestyles

Thursday 13th of May 4-5pm

Being healthy or happy by itself is hard enough now you are asking us to do both of these things whilst balancing work-life, social-life and our day to day life.

In this workshop Rich will help to create long lasting habits, introduce you to some simple and practical habits for you to focus on to build a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Introduction to Mindfulness, Meditation, and Guided Relaxation 

Friday 14th May 12-1pm

Find out the similarities, differences and benefits of each of the mind management tools
and how, using them you can increase focus, awareness, control and your reactions to life.

This workshop includes mindfulness, meditation and guided relaxation sessions designed to give you an insight and an experience into each and should leave you rested, refreshed and restored for the rest of the day.

Building Resilience

Friday 14th of May 3-4pm

Humans aren’t designed for chronic stress, yet we have come to expect stress as a part of our everyday life. In this webinar, we will look at defining resilience and its relationship with stress. You will take away some practical tools on how to manage stress and build resilience to be able to effectively handle challenging situations. Resilience is a skill that anyone can develop and this workshop could be a great start, or a great reminder, of what we can do to support ourselves.