Nutrition Workshops

Maintaining a Balanced Diet

In a world of diet fads it can be hard to maintain healthy habits that work for you. In this workshop we will look at what you should eat, when you should eat, how you should eat. As well as macronutrient balance, how to avoid overeating / binge eating and combatting snacking.

Weight Management

How, what, when to eat for weight management. Mindset for weight management

Skin Health and Smart Ageing

Our skin health is a reflection of our gut heath so maintaining a healthy gut environment will radiate the skin.

Also covered in this workshop:

– anti-ageing antioxidants and how to incorporate the best ones into your diet and lifestyle. Clean beauty, minimise the toxic impact of your skin care products to improve your health

Hormone Health

Our hormones are like an orchestra and you are the conductor of your health, when one goes out of balance this will have an impact on the overall functioning and send others out of balance too.

Understand hormone balance and learn how to recognise the signs that you are imbalanced and how to naturally regulate your hormones.

Also can be adapted to Workplace Menopause Management

Eating for Energy

Burnout is a big issue in the workplace. Learn how to eat for energy and avoid burnout.

Gut Health

Maintain a healthy body by eating a gut friendly diet. Learn how diet and stress impact your gut health and how to maintain a healthy gut through diet.


Boost your immunity through diet and targeted supplements.

Perfect for Covid-19 times