Physical Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Employees Health Check

The aim of our health check is to provide employees with a snapshot of their physical health as it stands in that moment. Our health checks are slightly different from others as they give employees a holistic overview of a variety of areas. 

What’s included;

* Personal Health Check Booklet
* Snapshot photo
* Basic Measurements = Height, Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Hip to Weight ratio. 
* Heart and Lung health = Blood Pressure & Lung Test 
* Cholesterol check
* We provide an email campaign to help employees understand these results as well as a guide in how they can support their health and wellbeing.

Cost for our health check = £99 per person.

Optimal Wellbeing

During the webinar you will learn about managing stress, physical health/activity, nutrition and sleep and how creating a healthy habit around these areas will optimise your mind and body. Hopefully by the end of this workshop you will understand how to create healthy habits which you can implement in to your day to life both during and after lockdown. After all creating healthy mind and body will only improve your employees happiness, health and productivity.

Type of Exercise and the Benefits

We will look at the different types of exercise which you can do to improve your physical health.

– understand how different types of exercise effect the body and mind.

– clarify the confusion behind what exercise is best

– help understand what exercise is best for you.

Pillars of Physical Health

We all know how important our physical health is to us, in this work shop we will further discuss the key areas of physical health.

– Understand the role of sleep, exercise and nutrition on your health.

– now you understand the role learn how to put that into your routine.

Heirachy of Physical Health

Maintaining physical health can be hard, learn how we build a solid foundation and focus on the things which are most important.

– build a fool proof plan to maintain your physical health.

– understand what is important to focus on and what is less important.

– build a solid foundation for a healthy long full life.