Mental Health Workshops

Stress Management and the Brain

1 hour

This includes the science of how stress is created, when stress is a bad thing, how it affects our mental health and our ability to function well at work and in life. How the brain works and why we have stress, the stress bucket and what we can do to empty it and keep it empty.

Stress and Productivity

1 hour

How stress impacts decision making, motivation, cognitive capability, opportunity identification and problem solving. How to reduce stress to improve productivity.

Managing Symptoms of Stress

1 hour


– To give delegates a greater understanding of stress

– To give delegates practical tools and strategies to reduce the emotional intensity that stress can cause

Introduction to Mindfulness

1 hour

The value of mindfulness at work and in life and how it affects the brain. Different types of mindfulness and mindful meditation. How to create a mindfulness practice. This includes a mindfulness experience

Mental Health in the Workplace for Managers

4 hours

– To shift the perspective on mental health issues and help attendees understand the impact they have as managers

– To equip participants to respond appropriately and confidently to mental illness in the workplace while acting in line with relevant legislation

– To develop understanding of best practice in managing mental health in the workplace

Creating Resilience

1 hour

What is resilience, what is the value of being personally and professionally resilient. How to work towards resilience, how to maintain resilience. What impacts our ability to build and maintain resilience.

Preventing Burnout

1 hour

What is happening in the brain and body when we experience burnout. The value of preventing burnout in the work environment. Prevention is better than cure; how to prevent burnout. The research behind down time and relaxation.