Our Suite of Services

Supporting your wellbeing strategy through a variety of different workshops and wellbeing days designed to cover all four pillars of wellbeing.

With the cost of poor mental health reaching a staggering high of £53-56 billion for 2020-2021, it's more important than ever to take care of your employees' wellbeing. No matter how long you've been in business, we know this responsibility can feel a little daunting, which is why we've curated a suite of services across all four pillars of wellbeing to support you.

What We Offer

From educational workshops and health checks to mental health first aid and beyond, we are proud to offer a wide variety of workshops, wellbeing days and planned activities which can be delivered to your employees in a form that suits you.

Our services are split into four main categories, covering all aspects of wellbeing:

Mental Wellbeing

→ Mental Health for Managers
→ Mental Health First Aid
→ Resilience
→ Stress
→ Burnout
→ Mindfulness

+ more

Physical Wellbeing

→ Health Checks
→ Nutrition
→ Sleep
→ Massage at Work
→ Healthy Lifestyles
→ Exercise, Yoga and

+ more

Financial Wellbeing

→ Future of the Workplace
→ Healthy Teams
→ Role of Social Connection
→ Team Building Wellbeing
→ Creating Positive Cultures
→ Belonging

+ more

Social Wellbeing

→ Cost of Living
→ Financial Resilience
→ Planning for the Future
→ Money Management
→ 1-2-1s
→ Maji

+ more

Pricing and Structure

The majority of our workshops start at a cost of £595, though this will vary depending upon your chosen service/workshop and company size.

For businesses with more specific needs, we can also create bespoke workshops to better suit your requirements.

Wellbeing Strategy Options

Sleep Health Workshops

Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health First Aid

Financial Wellbeing

Nutrition Workshops

Physical Health and Wellbeing

Activities and Alternatives

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