The Optimal Wellbeing & Performance Programme

Give your employees everything they need to thrive at work and boost their performance in as little as twelve weeks.

We know people thrive when they put their wellbeing first, which is why our unique programme has been designed to help them do just that. Across three ninety-minute sessions, we will equip your employees with the tools, understanding and knowledge they need to take positive, lasting actions that will not only improve their overall wellbeing, lifestyle and happiness, but boost their performance, focus and mindset at work too.

How It Works

The Optimal Wellbeing and Performance Programme

Delivered over a time period which suits you and your business, we will explore the core principles of wellbeing, such as mindset, behaviour, work-life balance and motivation across three unique sessions. Each session can accommodate group sizes of up to either twelve employees or between fifteen and twenty, depending upon the programme option chosen.

What's Included?

→ In-Person Sessions and Workshops
→ Dedicated Contact Time and Support
→ Personal Workbook
→ Gratitude Journal
→ Personalised Progress Tracker
→ 1-2-1 Health Assessment (if chosen)

The programme is comprised of three sessions, covering all aspects of wellbeing:





What You Can Expect


The average improvement in health, happiness and overall energy reported by participants in our pilot schemes.


Your minimum return per £1 spent from increased productivity, engagement and work output from participating employees.


The average overall improvement in lifestyle reported by participants in our pilot schemes.

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